Watchlog Wireless Vision

Our cloud platform, Watchlog Wireless Vision, when used in conjunction with the Watchlog Wireless sensors system allows remote access to your sensor data presented in graphical and tabular formats. Live data is trended and saved and can be downloaded for historical analysis/archiving.

A key feature is being able to set flexible alerts when values are breached. Alerts are easy to set up and manage. Alerts can be text messages or emails to key staff when a value is breached. Wireless uptime is also monitored, and any outages are logged and can be alerted.

  • Watchlog Wireless Local UI
Hydrotechnik have support staff to help with Watchlog Wireless Vision deployment and can also facilitate 3rd party branding if required. The Vision cloud platform is a low-cost monthly subscription model which can also facilitate separate branding and logins if required.

You local environment

Locally, Watchlog Wireless temperature, pressure, displacement, flow and other sensors connect wirelessly to the receiver, making readings immediately available for local viewing and alerting. Data can also be pushed from a local PC to the Watchlog Vision Cloud for long term monitoring and alerting.

Remote cloud access

  • Watchlog Vision Cloud User
Data can be pushed to the cloud platform from PC software running locally or via WiFi or Cellular Gateways.

Gateways take readings from up to 60 Sensors on the same network and push information to the cloud for analysis. This is then accessed remotely using a web browser on a PC, Tablet or Mobile device.

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