Compact / miniature pressure transducers and pressure transmitters

Silicon technology enables lightweight, small size yet rugged packaging. For applications where the smallest size of sensor is necessary we can offer a range of solutions that provide an overall length of typically 50mm and/or a body diameter of just 12/14mm with a typical weight of only 20g. A perfect fit for even the most limited spaces or confined installations.

• HT-SME series: Miniature - 14/12mm diameter, ranges from 1 to 400 barg FS
• HT-SIS series:  Short – 18mm long body, ranges from 600 mbar to 40 barg FS
• HT-SMS series: OEM – 25mm long body, ranges from 4 to 600 barg FS

Example applications
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Industrial Machinery
Plant Engineering
Heating systems

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Pressure sensors