HOH2 Hydrogen Flowmeter for mass flow rates of 0.008...108g/s

This state-of-the-art, superb quality flow meter can measure flow rates as low as 0.008 up to 108g/s with a very low pressure drop. For flow rates above 108g/s, please see the HOH2 Hydrogen Flowmeter, which is compatible with flow rates between 0.1g/s and 541g/s.

An internal flow computer uses an algorithm based on differential pressure between 2 points in the flow meter body, static pressure and temperature to calculate the flow rate in g/s or kg/hr.

The built-in display shows this calculated flow rate, static pressure (bar) or temperature (ºC). The included Modbus output also makes flow, pressure and temperature values available externally, with the flow rate also available via a 4...20mA output.

In tank loading applications, the pressure drop across HCH2 flow meters is significantly less than that of other technologies by up to 20 to 30 times. This creates a much lower temperature rise in the hydrogen in these circumstances, meaning loading can take longer at higher flow rates, drastically cutting the loading time and increasing throughput.

Flow meter features

  1. Robust stainless steel enclosure
  2. Differential pressure sensor and display; required for flow rate calculation
  3. Flow computer and display
  4. Cable gland providing Modbus and 4…20mA outputs
  5. Mono-Block, weld-free flow meter body with NPT or Autoclave threaded connections
  6. Differential and static pressure sensors
  7. Rear access temperature sensor

Technical data

For further information and ordering codes, please see the datasheet, which is available to download from this page.

Power 24 VDC

Maximum flow rate

See datasheet
Max pressure 1000 bar (see datasheet)
Dimensions See datasheet
Weight TBC
Flow meter body 316L stainless steel, weld-free mono-block design
Turndown ratio 5 to 10:1 (depending on accuracy requirements)
ATEX approval Optional for individual components
R139 approval Pending
Output signals Modbus
  • Flow rate
  • Static pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
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