HT-H2-TPSE Dual pressure and temperature sensor for Hydrogen

Combined pressure and temperature transmitter for hydrogen applications with an external temperature sensor for accurate temperature readings.

The H2-TPSE has been specifically designed for use with hydrogen gas which enables pressure and temperature readings to be taken at the same point. The two-in-one design reduces the need for two fittings and therefore one less potential leak point in a system.

The H2-TPSE can measure up to 1000 bar pressure and is also available with ATEX options.

Ordering Code

Approvals Replace A with
No approvals 0
ATEX Zone 2 (non sparking) H
Output signals Replace BBB with
2x4-20mA I22
1x4-20mA / 1xPt100 I2P
2x0-10V U10P
1x0-10V / 1xPt100 I2P
measuring range
Replace CCCC measuring range
value between 0...1000 bar eg
0...1 bar 0001
0...130 bar 0130
0...600 bar 0600
0...1000 bar 1000
Binder M12x1 4P 01
Deutsch 04-4P 05
Din form A 06
Cabled 07

Supplied with process connection 1⁄2” NPT.
Other connections available on request

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