Minimess® Oil Sampling Adaptors

Our Minimess test points can also be used to sample oil from low or unpressurised systems. 

Features and Benefits

• Consistently sample active oil from gearboxes  and reservoirs. Avoids problems caused  by sedimentation or settled oil to give accurate representative oil sample.
• Uses a compact reusable thread-on probe and disposable tubing to avoid cross contamination.
• Installs easily into drain, fill or sampling pipe ports.
• Copper, Steel or Stainless Steel tubing provides full flow with less purge time for a variety of fluids.
• Swivel options(-S)  available for bent tubes in confined locations.
• Uses Minimess® 1620 test points for leak free peace of mind with optional 1604 version (4mm nominal bore for thicker oils e.g gearbox oils)


Minimess Pressure Test Points & Adaptors

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