QT500 Flow Turbine for oils with Standard Frequency Output

20 l/min, 75 l/min, 300 l/min and 600 l/min aluminium flow turbines for accurate flow measurement of mineral oils up to 100cst & up to 420 bar operating pressure. Frequency pulse (pnp) signal output. Optimised for use with Hydrotechnik measuring instruments and fitted with pressure & temperature test points allowing for flow, pressure & temperature measurements at one point. Standard calibration on 30cst for oils, other viscosities on request. Models available for Skydrol.

ISDS automatic sensor detection when used with MultiHandy and MultiSystem measuring instruments.

Measuring range (l/min) Signal output Max. Pressure (bar) Accuracy (%) Connection Part Number
1...20 Frequency 420 ±0.5 (±2.5) 1/4" BSP Female 31VH-02-35.030
2 (7.5)...75 Frequency 420 ±0.5 (±2.5) 3/4" BSP Female 31VH-70-35.030
9 (15)...300 Frequency 420 ±0.5 (±2.5) 1" BSP Female 31VH-71-35.030
15 (25)...600 Frequency 350 ±0.5 (±2.5) 1.1/4" BSP Female 31VH-72-35.030

Values shown in brackets are flow ranges or accuracies without ISDS or linearisation.

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