WLB-DDPG Series Bluetooth Digital Datalogging Pressure Gauges

WLB-DDPG series digital pressure gauges are designed for both stationary and mobile measurement, display and datalogging of pressure. They can be used as reference pressure gauges to simplify the checking, adjustment and calibration of other pressure measurement devices directly on site.

Excellent protection against dust and moisture is provided by a membrane keypad with rubber buttons and rubber protective shroud.

Key benefits

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High-accuracy digital pressure measurement with an accuracy of ±0.2%.
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Internal datalogging of time, date, actual pressure, and MIN/MAX value.
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Easy data transfer as CSV files to PC/laptop for further analysis in spreadsheets, databases or Watchlog CSV Visualizer.
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Compatible with the Watchlog Bluetooth iOS and Android Apps for visualisation and datalogging on your mobile device.
(Apps arriving April 2024)

Watchlog Bluetooth App

The WLPB-DDPG supports iOS and Android Bluetooth apps. Once connected, the app can be used to display pressure values, start/stop logging, and export CSV test files. See more in out overview video.

Ordering code

Ordering code * Measuring range Resolution
WLB-DDPG-V016 -1...16 bar 1 mbar
WLB-DDPG-0060 0...60 bar 10 mbar
WLB-DDPG-0250 0...250 bar 100 mbar
WLB-DDPG-0400 0...400 bar 100 mbar
WLB-DDPG-0700 0...700 bar 100 mbar
WLB-DDPG-1000 0...1000 bar 110 mbar

Different measuring ranges and accuracies of ±0.1% and ±0.05% are available on request.
Please download the datasheet on this page for technical information.
* Add -MM for Minimess® 1620 male adaptor fitted
  Add -MF for Minimess® 1620 female adaptor fitted

Ordering code examples

  • WLB-DDPG-0250
    0...250 (0250) bar WL-DDPG Bluetooth datalogging digital pressure gauge.
  • WLB-DDPG-0400-MF
    0...400 (0400) bar WL-DDPG Bluetooth datalogging digital pressure gauge,
    with Minimess® 1620 female adaptor fitted (-MF).

Watchlog CSV Visualizer compatibility

The CSV files generated by the digital datalogging gauge are fully compatible with our Watchlog CSV drag-and-drop CSV graphing, analyser, and annotation software for Windows.

Read more about Watchlog CSV Visualizer

Mobile app downloads

Download the app from the iOS App Store below. The Android version will soon be available on the Google Play store, but until then, please download it directly using this link. Note that in order to install the download, you will need to set your device to allow installations from "unknown parties" in your security settings.

Download the Google Play version directly

Download from the Apple App Store
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