Hydrostatic test rig helps to certify electrical fuse bodies to national standards

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Electrical fuse body testing rig

Hydrotechnik UK have designed, manufactured and commissioned a new hydrostatic testing rig to add to our growing library of component testing rigs. This rig uses hydrostatic force to burst test electrical fuse bodies with up to 5000 psi of pressure for a UK based manufacturer.

The manufacturer in question is a leader in the development of electrical fuse bodies and has been making them for over 80 years. They continue to invest heavily in their research and development to ensure that the fuse bodies meet the national standards and uphold the quality that they are known for.

The manufacturer had heard of Hydrotechnik UK through our past work with previous high end component manufacturers. The manufacturer briefed Hydrotechnik to provide a user operated test rig capable of pressure testing electrical fuse bodies up to 5000psi Bar to ensure that each fuse body can be tested for their structural strength. Due to the large product lines with different sizes this rig had to be able to test the many different lines and sizes of fuse bodies.

  • A stainless steel manually operated hydrostatic test rig
  • Capable of carrying out burst tests up to 5000psi
  • A data logger capable of logging peak pressures
  • Custom designed clamping arrangement which can hold all fuse body sizes

How does the test rig operate?
The rig itself operates via the bult-in hand pump which pumps the water through the test peice, the more the hand pump is pushed the pressure will increase until the electrical fuse bodies bursts.

To measure the changing pressures we have supplied our own stainless steel pressure sensors, which are fully calibrated within our own calibration laboratory. 
For research and development purposes all of the pressure data can be captured used our MultiHandy 2025 logger. For further analyses data can be turned into graphical form using our HYDROcom6 software.

What type of tests can be carried out?
The hydrostatic test rig can carry out high pressure burst testing up to 5000 Psi.

What are the key benefits for the customer?
The customer can now test their whole range of electrical fuse bodies to check for durability and strength. Ultimately this rig can help determine whether the fuse bodies need to be redesigned or sold to end users.

What next?
Watch our own test rig expert explain our latest test rig, he oversees every test rig from design right through to commissioning -

If you have any questions about our test rigs or are looking to carry out testing on components but don’t know where to start, feel free to get in touch with us on 0115 900 3550, christopher.allwood@hydrotechnik.co.uk or alternatively head over to our other test rig case studies to watch other test rig videos.