LED Panel, Wall or Pipe Mounting Displays

A range of fully programmable panel, wall or pipe mounting LED displays to indicate the measured values from a remotely connected sensor to suit all budgets or applications. AC or DC powered, the displays are compatible with frequency or analogue signal inputs and can be provided with or without alarm outputs. Clear readouts and simplified operation make this range a perfect remote display solution.

  • TI08 series:  Economic LED display for 0...5, 0...10V, 0...20mA or 4...20mA inputs with or without switching outputs.
  • SEG1060 series: LED high speed panel mounting displays for frequency or analogue signals with or without 4...20mA and switching outputs
  • CT34R series: Economic pulse input display for totalising or for R.P.M or flow rate display
  • D-Series:  Robust, large digit front panel mount display for pressure, temperature or flow-rate.
  • HDD-11ALW:  Surface or pipe mounting 5 digit LCD display for IP66/67 or ATEX applications for display of 4-20mA output sensors.
  • MultiPanel 2025: panel mounting display with 2 channel input, 3 channel display (delta P, power kW). 120,000 values datalogging & 4-20mA outputs


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