Minimess® 1620 adaptors with metric tees (heavy)

The 1620 Minimess® pressure test point now comes with a heavy metric compression tee to allow a test point point entry into the system. These offer an easy way to add multiple test points for system pressure testing.

These heavy series metric compression tee are available from M14x1.5 (6S) to M52x2 (38S) metric threads. 

1620 Minimess® Metric compression tee adaptor ordering codes

Typep max
ThreadPart number
S 6630M 14 x 1.52103-12-06.00
S 8630M 16 x 1.52103-12-08.00
S 10630M 18 x 1.52103-12-10.00
S 12630M 20 x 1.52103-12-12.00
S 14630M 22 x 1.52103-12-14.00
S 16400M 24 x 1.52103-12-16.00
S 20400M 30 x 22103-12-20.00
S 25400M 36 x 22103-12-25.00
S 30400M 42 x 22103-12-30.00
S 38315M 52 x 22103-12-38.00
  • Applications with plastic cap (standard) & for both sealing materials:- 20°C to +100°C
  • Applications with metal cap & sealings out of NBR (Buna N):- 25°C to + 100°C
  • Applications with metal cap & sealings out of FKM (Viton) option: -20°C to +200°C
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