HySense TE 200 Surface & Immersion temperature sensor. -50...400ºC

The HySense® TE 200 is an all-purpose handheld temperature sensor that can be used for an extremely wide range of measuring tasks, such as measuring temperatures in fluids and powders, as well as on surfaces. The long probe and the flexible coil cord make it easy to quickly measure temperatures even at locations that are difficult to access.

Surface probe and Immersion probe models are available.

  • Temperature range: -50...200ºC, -50...400ºC
  • Output signal: 4...20mA, ISDS
  • Measuring accuracy: 1% of full scale
  • Weight: 207g

Ordering codes

Model Temperature range Order code
Surface probe -50...200ºC 3170-01-S-03.00
-50...400ºC 3170-01-S-07.00
Immersion probe -50...200ºC 3170-01-S-06.00
-50...400ºC 3170-01-S-08.00