Importance and Benefits of High-Speed Pressure Measurement

Pressure peaks or sudden spikes are very damaging to hydraulic systems. Understanding when they occur and what happened in the run up can help eliminate the root cause, which, in turn, will lead to a more reliable system and can help prevent premature system component failures.

Rapid opening and closing of valves and solenoids in hydraulic systems, for example, can generate rapid high frequency pressure spikes and transients that may last from a few microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds. The amplitude of these fast-moving transients can be up to 20-times the rated pressure of a system, which can lead to fracturing pipework, valves, leaking seals and other critical component failures.

Conventional pressure sensors and measuring equipment sometimes are just not quick enough to capture the full extent of the problem.

High-Speed Pressure Peak Capture Using:


Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM, Vibration, Force, Torque & Position Sensors for Hydrotechnik Test Equipment

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