Patrick Pal Fuel and Oil Cleanliness Monitor

Whether on site or in the laboratory, our range of self contained oil and fuel cleanliness monitors will provide instant ISO, SAE or NAS cleanliness code data of your oils or fuels. Sample from fluid tanks, pressurised systems or sample bottles to analyse quickly and accurately, minimising the frequency or need for laboratory analysis. Built in CAN/RS232 and 4-20mA connections allow for many different data capture options, either direct to PC, any display or instrument. Optimised for use with the Hydrotechnik MultiSystem 5070, cleanliness data can be recorded in real time along with pressures, flow rates, temperatures etc. 3000 readings can be stored internally for long term system cleanliness logging.

Benefits & Features

  • Instant oil cleanliness monitoring
  • Offline bottle sampling or online system sampling up to 350 bar (with optional high-pressure valve)
  • Optimised for use with Hydrotechnik MultiSystem 5070
  • ISO, SAE & NAS readout
  • Internal memory for storing up to 3000 readings
  • 4...20mA & CAN datalogging output
  • Battery and mains operated
  • Supplied in rugged weatherproof carry case