PR509 Series Pressure Sensor for MultiHandy 2025 Instruments

Piezoresistive pressure sensor with a G1/4" ISO 228 pressure connector and M16 x 0.75 cable with circular connectors and a signal output of 4...20mA.

  • Economic series ISDS 4...20mA output pressure sensor for use with MultiHandy 2025 measuring instruments.
  • Measuring ranges: from 0...60, 400 & 600 bar.
  • Signal output: ISDS 4...20mA.
  • Mechanical connection: G1/4".
  • Electrical connection and cable: M16x0.75 6-pin with 2.5m long integral moulded cable.
  • Accuracy: <±0.25% when using ISDS or with linearisation.
  • 5-point calibration certificate on request.
Pressure Range (Bar) Signal Output Part Code
0...600 4...20mA 3403-18-S-A1.37
0...400 4...20mA 3403-15-S-A1.37
0...60 4...20mA 3403-21-S-A1.37



Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM, Vibration, Force, Torque & Position Sensors for Hydrotechnik Test Equipment

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