MinimessXtreme® 1,000 Bar High Pressure Test Points & Adaptors

Hydrotechnik are now proud to announce the unique 1000 bar working pressure Minimess® test point for fitting to most fluid or inert gas high pressure systems. MinimessXtreme® is manufactured in 316Ti stainless (1.4571) with a burst pressure of over 4,000 bar and comes with industry standard high pressure connection threads.

Two test point threads are available at launch: ¼” BSP or 9/16”-18 UNF. The Minimess® thread is an innovative saw-tooth profile that reduces the torque required when connecting/disconnecting under pressure. This saw-tooth thread has a discharge groove to release any pressurised gas when disconnecting. MinimessXtreme® mating connectors are available to allow connection and disconnection under full system pressure without the loss of pressure or fluid/gas medium. They can also be connected to suitable high-pressure fittings or hose assemblies, as required.

Features and Benefits

  • Nominal working pressure of 1000 bar
  • Designed for a burst pressure of 4000 bar (This is achieved via the unique and innovative internal valve design)
  • Long service life: > 1,000,000 pressure pulses at 1330 bar
  • Dual use: suitable for hydraulic fluids as well as inert gases
  • Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti)

Connectable by hand up to 700 bar

  • Large diameter on the opening armature allows higher hand tightening torques.
  • A special thread with saw-tooth profile on the coupling side reduces the required torque for connecting under pressure, compared to a standard V-profile thread.
  • The connecting fitting remains engaged when the valve is closed and the opening pin is out of the secondary seal. Enclosed gas pressure in the mating hose is drained via the discharge groove, before the fitting is completely decoupled.
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