MinimessXtreme® high pressure test points

The new MinimessXtreme® 
high-pressure test point combines the characteristics of the classic Minimess® test points with a significantly higher working pressure capability.

High pressure test point with 9/16”-18 UNF
Form D screw in thread

This test point is suitable for use with liquid and gaseous
 media. The metallic sealing with a 58° sealing cone is
 standard in high pressure fittings & systems.

Part Number: MTP7-CMK1-D1F1

High pressure test point with ISO228-G1/4”
Form F screw in thread.

This test point is primarily suitable for use with gaseous
 media. When using liquid media, strong pressure pulsations can lead to damage of the profile sealing ring
at the screw-in stud. Due to the profile sealing ring the 
burst pressure is also limited to 2500 bar.

Part Number: MTP7-CMK1-F2F1

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