FO110 Deflecting Beam Force Sensor

Since a force and the deflection of a beam is proportional, this sensor is able to determine a force by measuring its elongation or change in length. Due to its compact design, these traction pressure force sensors can be used in the laboratory, as well as in industrial environments. They can be mounted easily allowing simple integration into existing structures.


  • Moulding and insertion forces
  • Spring forces
  • Cutting forces
  • Force and force control
  • During assembly
  • Pressing forces in drilling machines


  • Supply Voltage 10...24Vdc
  • Signal Output 4...20mA

Measuring range options available

  • 0 to 1.0kN
  • 0 to 1.5kN
  • 0 to 2kN
  • 0 to 5kN
  • 0 to 10kN
  • 0 to 20kN


Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM, Vibration, Force, Torque & Position Sensors for Hydrotechnik Test Equipment

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