2 (+1) Channel MultiHandy 2025 Datalogger & Kits

The new MultiHandy 2025 two-channel hydraulic data logger replaces the now-obsolete MultiHandy 2020, which, after eight years of being the industry standard entry level two channel measuring instrument, has now been radically upgraded with more features, memory and measuring flexibility.

The MultiHandy 2025 is intuitive, fast, reliable, robust and accurate at ±0.2% of the full-scale reading. It records up to five series of data sets with up to 120,000 values per set and sampling rates are user selectable from 1ms to 10 seconds, providing performance beyond its size.

The MultiHandy 2025 accepts Hydrotechnik ISDS (auto programming), voltage, mA & frequency sensor inputs and provides rate, totals, differential, power and min/max data, all on one bright, backlit screen. The two-channel data logger provides vital evidence of machine performance, which can be used in field service visit reports. The accurate data produced can form the basis of technical discussions, making fault finding and warranty issues easier and quicker to deal with.

The MultiHandy 2025 is supplied with HYDROcom6 and HYDROlink software that allows users to download and evaluate test data onto their PC. The software also allows for recording using the MultiHandy 2025 connected to a PC, and shows graph and numerical values in real time.

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