MultiHandy 2025 Kit with Pressure & Flow Sensor

The MultiHandy 2025 datalogging kit with ISDS pressure sensors and flow meters allows the engineer to carry out thorough tests. Please choose your pressure sensors & flow meters of choice from the tables below.

Pressure & Flow Kit Contents


  • Two channel input
  • Selectable ISDS, mA, V or pulse inputs
  • 2x Minimess® 1620 female test point for leak-free testing
  • 2x highly accurate pressure sensors
  • 1x flow turbine sensors able to accurately meter fluids in the hydraulic system
  • Recording and evaluation software, enabling testing data to be viewable in real time once connected to the PC
  • A third virtual channel that can show differential or hydraulic power


  • User friendly device - Connect - Switch on - Measure
  • A bright sunlit screen viewable in dull conditions
  • Easily diagnose hydraulic faults with changing pressures and flows

Kit ordering code

Pressure Sensor Range *Replace XX with
0...600 bar (0...8700 psi) 18
0...400 bar (0...5800 psi) 15
0...60 bar (0...870 psi) 21

PR509 ISDS pressure sensors can be supplied with calibration certificates on request at extra cost.

Many more pressure ranges can be supplied using PR100 (ISDS) or PR130 (non-ISDS) series pressure sensors.

Flow Meter Range *Replace YY with
2...75 l/min 70
9...300 l/min 71
16...600 l/min 72

QT500 ISDS flow meters are supplied with a calibration certificate, traceable to national standards.