Nitrogen Accumulator Charging & Testing Kits

Hydrotechnik offer a selection of Nitrogen accumulator charging and testing devices for pressures up to 280 bar, for use with bladder, piston or other similar style accumulators. We have a kit to suit all budgets and connection requirements.

  • Our PC280/70-D bladder accumulator charging kit & PCFPU280/70-U bladder Diaphragm or Piston accumulator charging kits are an economic choice for charging accumulators with 5/8" or 7/8"UNF, Parker/Olaer 1/4" BSP, Hydac Style M28x1.5, Schrader style 5/16"UNEF/VG8 or Minimess® 1615 & 1620 valves. The kits come with a high pressure, flexible microbore charging hose for easy finger tightening connection by hand to the Minimess® test points fitted to the device and 5/8" BSP male UK gas bottle connector.
  • The new Universal test kit has all the adaptors and connections to ensure that most of the accumulators sold worldwide are catered for. Ideal for service engineers that have to deal with bladder-, piston- or diaphragm-type accumulators, along with an easy-to-use high quality Nitrogen pressure regulator for easy setting of charge pressures from 10 to 235 bar.
  • The all new N2 Service Pal Service Pal is our all in one digital Nitrogen Accumulator test kit. Offering digital accuracy and fine control of charge pressures plus data logging and warnings for under/over pressure. Also built in is a temperature warning light and compensation look-up table if temperatures are low/high.
  • Minimess® test points are available as stand-alone charging valves to fit to accumulators or can be supplied as part of a kit.
  • All our Minimess® accumulator charging kits are designed to work with existing Minimess® 1615 or 1620 accumulator charging valves, although adaptors can be provided to connect to and/or replace 3rd party charging valves, such as UNF, BSP or Metric threaded. Charging devices connect to your Nitrogen bottle and connect safely and easily via a high pressure flexible microbore charging hose to the Minimess® accumulator valve. The microbore hose has Minimess® swivel female ends for easy finger tightening connection by hand. All kits come with pressure gauge calibration certificates on request.

We provide helpful advice to make sure you use your accumulator charging and testing kit correctly. Here we discuss the problems with incorrect accumulator charge pressures and here we outline the correct way to charge an accumulator.

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